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Monday, August 2, 2010

Umbrella Ladies

Here is my current series of charcoals, which I have called Umbrella Ladies.

Why umbrellas? Not sure except they are such a pleasant, iconic shape. Parabolic shapes are always relaxing and for me rain is joyous. When you grew up in western Queensland in droughts, you love the rain. Hope you enjoy them

Black and White Umbrellas - 80X60cms framed - $890
Blue Umbrellas Flying - 78x56cms framed - $890

Breezy Umbrellas - 80 x 60cms framed - $890

Colour the World Umbrella - 80 x 60cms framed - $790
SOLD Flying Umbrella and Scarf - 60x50cms - $690

Four Red Spots - 70x60cms framed - $890

SOLD Musical Umbrellas - 70x60cms framed - $890

Musical Umbrellas 2 - 60x50cms framed - $690
Oranges and Lemons - 105x78cms framed - $990

Orange umbrellas - 80x100cms framed - $990

Share an Umbrella - 70x60cms framed - $890

Share an Umbrella Moment - 70x60cms framed - $890

Tie-dyed Umbrella - 60x50cms framed - $690
Umbrella Text - 60x50cms framed - $690

SOLD Leafy Umbrellas - 60x50cms framed - $690
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1 comment:

  1. Hi Noel!

    Nice to meet you to day and good luck with your paintings!

    I like the umbrellas theme, realy good