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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Exhibition in Sweden

These paintings are showing in a special exhibition at my temporary studio in Gothenburg, Sweden on 27th May at 17:30 and again the next day at an Open Studio from 12 to 15.  I have done a three month residency at Konstepidemin in Gothenburg.

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The task I set myself for this residency was to explore the use of wax encaustic - a technique using a hot medium made up of beeswax and damar resin - which is a very old medium.  It was my first experience with wax encaustic.  For that reason, the works are varied and experimental.  The medium is a beautifully, silky. flowing method of painting which I will apply to my Australian landscapes and use to develop a portrait style.

(The prices on the works shown are lower than usual because I consider these works to be experimental at this stage and not typical of my usual work)

 My first inspiration was the work of Swedish Kosta Boda glass artists.

Spring has Arrived  40x40cms $250 ($1500 SEK)

Grafftti Boy 40x40cms $250 (1500 SEK)

Helena 50x40cms $250 (1500SEK)
Island Princess 40x40cms (1500 SEK)

Ladies who Lunch 40x40cms $250 (1500 SEK)

Legend 50x40cms $250 (1500SEK)
Masked Man 50x40cms $250 (1500 SEK)

Venetian Story 50x40cms $250 (1500 SEK)

Smelling Tulips 40x40cms $250 (1500 SEK)

Three Friends 40x50cms $250 (1500 SEK)

Tristesse 40x40cms $250 (1500 SEK)

My next inspiration was the Swedish landscape

Arriving in Sweden at the end of winter was a new experience for an Australian.  The winter landscape was a source of inspiration for some landscapes that enabled me to use different techniques and a pallette vastly different from my usual pallette. 

Blue Forest 10x10cms $100 (600 SEK) 

Misty Morning 10x10cms $100 (600 SEK)

Winter's Day 10x10cms $100 (600 SEK)

Swedish Lake 10x10cms $100 (600 SEK)

Night Sky 10x10cms $100 (600 SEK)

Mist on the Shore 40x40cms $250 (1500 SEK)

Australian Influences

As I worked I constantly wondered how I would end up applying this technique to my Australian work.  The colours especially kept calling me back home. I was especially influenced by the wax encaustic work of Australian artist, Jenny Sages.

Green Pastures 40x40cms $250 (1500 SEK)

Burning Creek 40x40cms $250 (1500 SEK)

Moonlight 40x40cms $250 (1500 SEK)

Sunset 50x30cms $250 (1500 SEK)

Desert Sun 10x10cms $100 (600 SEK)

Coastline 10x10cms $100 (600 SEK)

Lake Eyre Study 10x10cms $100 (600 SEK)


I wanted to apply my skills to portrait work.  My family is always my inspiration.  These two - partners of my children - survived the cut.

Dylan 40x40cms NFS

Stef 40x40cms NFS