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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Belonging" Part 1 - My Exhibtion of new landscapes

I am really pleased with my new series of landscapes. The title of the show, "Belonging" does not have any deep meaning. It simply indicates that I paint landscape to which I feel a strong sense of belonging, being part of it, standing in the vastness of my cathedral and paying homage to its beauty and harshness - the tension of opposites.

I have in this series brought together all that I have learnt and experienced in my practice over the past eight years. The paintings areheavily textured with collaged papers and textural pastes, as well as sand and stones. They are sealed with many coats of glues, gesso and acrylic medium to build a high profile on the canvas. They are painted in my bright pallette with wash over wash, building a jewel-like glow of acylic paints and finished with a fine, soft glaze of oil paint that emphasises the texture of the work.

The exhibition will run at Percolator Gallery, 134 Latrobe Tce, Paddington from 24th August until 6th September and wil be open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30am until 4:30pm.

I hope you can come long to have a look at the show. Contact me on

Stony Ridge - 60x60cms - $2500.00

SOLD Midnight - 60x60cms - $2200

SOLD Long Creek - Tryptych - 50x120cms - $1200

SOLD Shadows - 40x105cms - $990

The River - 110x110cms - $2500

Rocky Creek - 110x70cms - $2200

SOLD Moonlight over Eromanga - 40x40cms - $420

SOLD Rocky Outcrop - 100x120cms - $1500

SOLD Red Moon - Dyptych - 120x80cms - $1800

Sunset -Dyptych - 50x80cms - $990

SOLD Waterhole - 40 x 55cms - $550

More work from the new landscape series, in following section "Belonging, Part 2" (see index).

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  1. your work is so beautiful, so good to stumble onto another atist that uses the wonderful medium of encaustic.. (http:/

    cheers,Catherine ward